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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my health information secure?
YES!  At Major Health Partners we have the highest security standards to ensure that your health information is confidential.
Who can access the patient portal?
Patients, parents/guardians and  care managers.

Can I give someone access to my records on the portal?
Yes.  Any designated person can be given access to your records with your consent.  Contact your physician’s office or call 421-1956, option 1 to allow this access.

How do I sign-up for the portal?
Ask our medical staff at your next visit or contact our IT Operations Department at 421-1956, option 1.

What if I forgot my username/password?
You can reset your login information by clicking here.

What can I see by accessing my records online?
Patients can see: Allergies, Medications, Vitals, Immunization, Procedures, Insurance, Social History, Family History, Advanced Directives, Instructions, Referral Information, Plan of Care and Labs.

Can I schedule appointments online?
Yes, appointments can be scheduled with all providers.

Can I communicate with my providers?
Yes, patients can securely communicate with providers and staff.

Can I pay my bill through the portal?
Not at this point, but this option will be available in the coming months.

What test results can I view?
Labs from the hospital flow directly into the portal.  Other labs as well as other diagnostic procedures are available upon request to the office.        

Can I a request a prescription refill through my patient portal?
Yes.  Prescriptions requests can be sent through the portal.

What type of browsers/equipment do I need to access the portal?
The portal can be accessed from any personal computer, smart phone or tablet with internet access.

Can I receive a text when there is activity in my portal?
Yes.  This can be configured from the patient side of the portal in the SETTINGS, MY INFORMATION, E-MAIL ADDRESS section.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Contact Brittany Rush at 317-421-1956, option 1.