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MyMajorHealth - Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can sign up for MyMajorHealth? 
Anyone who has been registered for services at the MHP Medical Center other than those performed in a doctor’s office can sign up. 
How do I sign-up? 
You can sign up for MyMajorHealth at the MHP Medical Center’s registration department, located at the Main Entrance (#2).  You may also sign up online.  Click here to sign up now. 
What if I forgot my Logon ID or Password? 
We take your privacy very seriously.  If you have forgotten your username or password, you may reset them by clicking the “Forgot Logon ID?” or “Forgot Password?” links located on the sign-in screen of your patient portal (  You will be asked to answer 1 or more security questions to complete this process.
If you need additional assistance, please call the MHP Medical Center’s Information Systems department at 317-421-5684.
Can I allow someone else to access my records on MyMajorHealth? 
You control who accesses your health information.  To give access to others, simply fill out the Portal Consent Form’s “proxy user” section.  
What can I see by accessing my records online? 
MyMajorHealth allows you to see your allergies, most lab results, medications, visit history, and imaging reports (without images).
Can I schedule appointments online? 
Appointments cannot be scheduled on MyMajorHealth at this time.  Please call 317-392-2967, Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm, and we will be glad to assist you. 
Can I communicate with my providers through MyMajorHealth?
Your health is important to us.  Although email communication with your provider is not available at this time, you are welcome to call our office and we’ll be glad to assist you. 

Can I pay my medical bill through MyMajorHealth?
Pay your medical bills quickly and easily by clicking the button called “Pay My Bill” on the home page of MyMajorHealth, located just after logging in.

What test results can I view?  
You can view most lab results from MyMajorHealth.  To ensure you receive the best care, some tests must be sent to other locations for processing.  These results will not show up on MyMajorHealth.  Please contact your doctor’s office for more information about such lab tests.

Can I refill prescriptions in MyMajorHealth?  
Prescription refills are not available on MyMajorHealth at this time.  Please contact your doctor’s office for refills, and we will be glad to assist you.

What type of browsers/equipment do I need to access MyMajorHealth?  
MyMajorHealth works best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Microsoft Internet Explorer will work, but may require the page to be added to Compatibility Mode.

Can I receive a text message notifying me when new information is added to my health records?  
While MyMajorHealth is not set up to send text message notifications at this time, it will send an email to you when new information is added to your record.  

Who do I contact if I have questions?
You may call the MHP Medical Center’s Information Systems Department with any questions at 317-421-5684 or contact us via email at