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MHP Locations, Practices & Specialty Centers

We've moved!  Many of our locations have moved to the new MHP Medical Center.  For more information, please click here.
MHP Bariatrics & Weight Loss

MHP Oncology & Hematology
(formerly known as Benesse Oncology Center)

MHP Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

MHP FORCE Orthopaedics (Orthopedic surgery)

MHP Family & Internal Medicine (Primary Care - all ages)

MHP Foot & Ankle Surgery 

MHP Home Health Care (Home-based healthcare)

MHP Major Hospital (Hospital)

MHP Medical Specialists (Multiple specialties )

MHP Disease Management Clinic (Heart failure, diabetes, COPD)

MHP Nephrology & Infectious Disease 
(Kidney/Infectious Disease) 

MHP OB/GYN (Obstetrics/Gynecology/Women's health)

MHP Pediatrics (Ages 18 and under)

MHP Priority Care (Urgent care)

MHP Psychology

MHP Podiatry

MHP Pulmonology (Lung health)

MHP Sleep Center

MHP Sports Medicine

MHP OnSiteSolutions - City of Shelbyville

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Indiana Grand

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Knauf

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Ryobi

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Shelby County Co-Op    

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Shelby County Family Health         

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Shelby County Schools

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Shelbyville Central Schools

MHP OnSiteSolutions - Williams Family Health Clinic

MHP Renovo Orthopedic Center

MHP Spine Clinic

MHP SportWorks Rehabilitation (Physical therapy)

MHP Cardiovascular (formerly known as UnaVie)

MHP Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab  
(formerly know as UnaVie Center)