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Are you one of the 1 in 3 American women or 1 in 5 American men today who are trying to lose weight? Most “dieters” spend a lot of time focusing on what they can’t eat or shouldn’t do. Many fall prey to the “latest, greatest” new thing, only to find themselves back at square one. Major Hospital is pleased to offer Lifesteps, a program that helps you emphasize what you are doing right.
The Lifesteps Weight Management Program teaches small groups to successfully take gradual steps toward changing their eating and physical activity behaviors. Week by week, participants learn about nutrient needs, portion sizes, the benefits of moderate physical activity, and how to manage high risk eating situations. Lifesteps is led by Lisa Schnepp, RD, CDE a trained Lifesteps leader. Each participant will get assistance in designing eating and physical activity plans they can live with. In addition to weekly group sessions, each participant receives a workbook and other materials. Lifesteps is designed for individuals committed to taking positive steps toward better health and weight management based on sound nutrition principles—No special diet, no marathon exercise, no discouraging words. 
If this program sounds like something you might be ready for, please plan to attend one of the orientation sessions. Sessions are scheduled for Thursday December 21th or Thursday December 28th, both at 4:30pm at the MHP Medical Center Health Pavilion Classroom (use Entrance 3). You must attend orientation to start the program. For more information please call us at (317) 398-5315 or email