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MHP Medical Center - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did we need a new hospital?  
The healthcare needs of our community are changing.  To adapt to these changing needs, we had to either invest in costly renovations to our existing facility or choose to invest in a new facility. When the downtown hospital was built, more than 70% of patient care was provided to patients who were admitted to the hospital. Now, more than 75% of our services are delivered in an outpatient setting. By 2020, it is estimated we will see a 17% increase in patient volumes. We had already outgrown our current space and did not have room to expand. Due to these reasons, we chose to build a new facility.  The new facility allows us to meet the future healthcare needs of our community. Long-term, the new building will be more cost-effective and energy-efficient to operate, than the previous downtown facility.
Where is the new building located?
The building is located within the city limits of Shelbyville at 2451 Intelliplex Drive. The downtown facility was completely “land locked” and we were unable to expand to meet our community’s growing healthcare needs.  The new building is located less than 3 miles away from the downtown Washington St. location. 

How did we pay for the project?
No taxes will be used for this project. All funds will be generated from patient revenues and donations.
Will I see an increase in my hospital bill?
We did not raise our prices to fund the building project.   Our charges will continue to be (and have been) below the 50th percentile of all Indiana hospitals. In 2014, the Indiana Hospital Association released a report that ranked Major Hospital in the 42nd percentile compared to other hospitals in Indiana for our patient charges.
What will happen to the existing building?
The final exit strategy has not yet been determined, but we guarantee we will not allow the building to become abandoned and an eye-sore to the community. Some of the options we are considering include finding a suitable tenant or tearing it down and making it a community “green space” (park).  What we decide to do with the facility, will be made with the best interest of the community in mind.
Why is it called MHP Medical Center? 
MHP is an acronym for Major Health Partners. The building is called a medical center because it houses more than just Major Hospital, many healthcare services are provided in one convenient location for our patients. We are also in the process of renaming and rebranding all of our practices and locations from "Major" to the "MHP" name. 

Click here to download a Frequently Asked Question information sheet.